Spotlight on ITAM Review Conference 2016 Speakers

The ITAM Review, May 17, 2016 We’re pleased to announce the details of some of our confirmed conference speakers at our upcoming US conference in Florida on 19th & 20th September and UK conference in London on 4th & 5th October. Here we put 3 of our confirmed speakers under the spotlight. More speaker details can be…


Shadow IT: When Employees Become Bounty Hunters

Michael O’Dwyer, ipswitch, 4/11/16 Human error is responsible for more than half of all security breaches as of last year, making employees the biggest cyber threat of all. Shadow IT, on the other hand, is the deliberate installation of software that is not authorized by IT.


How To Survive A Software Licensing Audit

Lisa Morgan, InformationWeek, 1/1/16 Enterprise IT organizations face software audits as a matter of doing business with large technology vendors. What’s the best approach to dealing with them? Here’s a look at what you should and shouldn’t do when you get that software licensing audit notice.


Software Licensing Audits: Is Your Company Prepared?

Lisa Morgan, InformationWeek, 12/31/15 Software licensing audits can cause minor annoyance or excruciating pain, depending on their scope and how ready your enterprise is for the disruption and expense. We take a look at trends in software licensing audits and the ways they impact your IT organization and your business.


Stephen Pinson Joins Scott & Scott, LLP

Scott & Scott, LLP announces the addition of Stephen Pinson as Associate Attorney. Stephen Pinson is a graduate of Hofstra Law School and a member of the New York and Texas Bar. Prior to joining the firm, Stephen practiced in high-stakes securities litigation, regulation, and enforcement actions. He spent the majority of his time prosecuting…